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Quality Baby + Kids Care

Clean, Healthy and Happy, this is how they like our babies at Naif.

We love those bundles of joy. So we decided to dedicate ourselves to making the most soothing, nurturing and protective baby care. And from the best nature has to offer.

Baby skin is sensitive and more subject to harmful ingredients. That is why we develop our products by expert formulators. And why we work closely with specialists in the fields of dermatology, chemistry and pediatrics. Not to mention moms and dads.

NAIF is bringing you natural and non-irritating products that has been translated into an extensive ingredient blacklist. No mineral oil, no chemical preservatives, no SLS/ SLES, no PEG and no other harsh chemicals or any ingredients harmful to the environment.

The result is quality products using the innate healing and purifying properties of natural oils and extracts to make everyday moments more intense and affectionate.

Skincare the way it was meant to be. Without ingredients that leave you wondering: “Huh? What am I putting on my skin, exactly?” Nope. None of that. Therefore only avocados, tomatoes, macadamia nuts, sweet almonds and linseed. Nothing more, nothing less. Because your skin deserves the best and most logical care. No nonsense, that’s how we like to communicate.


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