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The Unexpected Welcome

The Moooi brand has always been about bringing additional beauty to our lives by decorating our homes, offices and hotel rooms with iconic and innovative pieces of furniture and lighting.
And Moooi has extending this gift to our daily routine, creating a line of sumptuous beauty products for luxury hotels that successfully concentrated the essence of “feeling at home” into a scent.

…Imagine checking in a beautiful hotel room after a day in an unfamiliar city, spent between people, chaos and noise… After closing the door of your luxurious hotel room you are finally at peace, far away from home…
While you perform your daily beauty routine the scent of the shower gel is so familiar, so recognizable… It feels like a warm embrace…and layer after layer you find your way home…

The Scent

Bargamot | cardamon | nutmeg |lavender | cedarwood | patchouli | tobacco | musk


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