Christian Lacroix show
Christian LACROIX tube butterfly
Christian LACROIX tubes butterfly

Haute Couture Amenities

Christian Lacroix is one of France’s most famous Haute Couture designers. His creations and style are unique, exuberant, colorful and baroque.

The Christian Lacroix hotel range is a development with only the highest quality ingredients. For instance musk, rosemary.
The result is a luxurious amenities range for a complete deluxe hotel experience.



Arles | Butterfly

Woody, spicy and musky fragrance. The sage, rosemary and ginger spices evoke a market in Arles. Arles is a beautiful roman city in the heart of the Provence, South of France.

Eygalières | Incarnation

It containing an orchard of fig and lemon trees


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